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Give Me 30 Minutes I give you $30.000 passive income

Hey Friends,  Haya here and I’m super excited to show you something that really works to make money online, not small commissions! I talk about Big cmiissions here. Now, I am a specialist in digital marketing and everything that goes into your head to make money online, probably I did it. I have tried almost everything online to earn some extra money to pay for my needs, Youtube, e-Commerce, Affiliate, CPA … with the most known platforms in the digital market such as: Clickbank, Maxbounty, JVzoo…etc spending  a lot of time and money.  I even created my own digital products (pdf, online courses …) and all that without even having to show my head! yes my friends that’s right…

Listen guys ,I can make you an attractive landing page with an optin to get your get emails and do all the autoresponder stuff and everything with Buy boutton … but i have not done it, I want to be simple and present a value instead a ton of word. Throughout my online experience I discovered that big money making online is in Affiliate Programs but not any program believe me, I tried almost of them and if you don’t believe me, I can quote all the affiliate programs if you want but I know you will lose a lot of effort and money to earn few bocks.

That’s why I am here my friends, to help you and reveal to you one of the monopolized secret affiliate program who pays Big Reccuring Commissions and with that you can earn at least $ 10k/month in your first month just by registering for $ 49/month just like other platforms guys without doing anything! (you don’t have to pay me anything, you will be registering for a best known platform in digital marketing industry). I promote only proven and legal affiliate programs who realy pay their affiliates. Today I will show you how to turn $49.90/month with 30 minutes configuration to $30k/month and withraw it next month… You will not find what I share with you anywhere, and even if you find it, they will make you pay at least $ 97 without even showing you a strategy that really works.

Watch this short video from my friend Alex…

That’s why I invite 50 people to make everyone earn the same commissions, we will collaborate and help each other so that each one earns at least $ 10,000 per month. These 50 people that I will invite, each one of them will invite 50 other people, also those latter each one of them will invite 50 other people … and so on. I will show you how you can get 50 people in 5 minutes to make your first $30.000 the next month …  its a Win Win. I have other secrect programs for you that you can make more than that and I will share them ( you don’t have to pay me ). All you need it’s 2 or 3 programs like this one to generate at least $20k per month without doing anything guys!. Follow me and after 30 minutes from your subscription you are ready to receive your commissions!

you’re probably going to find other people who are trying to make you think that you’re going to increase your income by advertising or email marketing… and all that shit that’s going to cost you a ton of money … don’t follow them because if you do, you go spend a lot of money and time in order to have 5 or 7 prospects a month. I did it before so I know what I’m talking about. Follow me and you will be shocked by the simplicity of my method, so that everyone will generate extra money to help their needs.

I invite this first 50 people  = I earn monthly big payments

each one I invited, invite 50 other people= I and He earn monthly big payments

… and so on…

And that’s what exactly you’re going to do ( I will show you how  ). It’s very simple guys. to make it even easier for you, I put 2 senarios below that shows you how much you can earn just with 15 people. I try to help as many people as possible and you will find everything you need inside.
Take a look at some of the results of some other people that I know like you and me who won this Big Profit below…

Just 50 People! To Make This Big Commissions Guys…

Copy & Past My Method

You Will Be Paid Directly into your
Bank Account Or by Check

Yes my friends, this people maked all this Big money. The affiliate program is Builderall Affiliate Program.

For those who don’t know what it is Builderall, is an Internet Marketing platform. For one price you are getting your marketing, design and automation tools, all in one place – all for one cost, so basically, you need it as long as you have an online business. Apart from what you can do with this platform, you earn money every time you sell a Builderall plan!. Stay with me my friends and you will be shocked by the simplicity of the process using my strategy…

Builderall have 3 plans: $9.90/month, $29.90/month and $49.90/month.

Don’t register using the first two plans, if you want to make big profits next month, you must pay the bisuness plan so that you can promote it directly just after your registration and I will show you, it is very easy!

To be able to promote the platform and make the big commissions or more that you saw at the top, you need a Business Plan ($49.90) and to be invited . Yes friends, with just 15 people you will earn more than $ 10,000 a month recuring payment, it’s a real money here!. Now if you join Buiderall traught my link, I will show you how to get this 15 people or more easly and within 5 minutes, people who are ready and happy to join guys (just telling your friends and they will be happy to join you its very simple nobody will refuse this opportunity because I tried it and it works ). Of course my personal help (I know that you will not need a help its very easy and simple) but, if you need help I will be available, just message or contact me:


Phone:   +1 438 622 8406

Skype: hanin haya

Facebook: Haya Here

There are people who live just to pay their bills and there needs. This money will help them.

Here is how it works guys...

NOTE:  you can promote Builderall unless you sign up for the “Business Plan”

 How to make money with this platform:

 Builderall Platform = $ 29.90 USD / Builderall Business = $ 49.90 USD

You make 30% commission on your direct sales and 30% commissions on the sales of the Owners who associated with your link. Always recurring! so you must be associated with me

 Imagine this Scenario my friends

 You sell one license per day (30 sales), 50% of the buyers choose Builderall Business, every Business Owner after you make 30 sales as well with the  same 50% conversions for Builderall Business.

 Your Direct Sales

 15 sales x 29.90 (BA Platform)
 = $ 448.50 USD First Payment + $ 134.00 USD Recurring Payment

 15 sales x 49.90 (BA Business)
 = $ 748.50 USD First Payment + $ 224.00 USD Recurring Payment

 Sales of the Business Owners plan Associated with Your (using your link)

 15 business owners makes 15 sales each (BA Platform) = 225 Sales x $ 9.00 USD commission = $ 2,025.00 USD Recurring Payments

 15 Business Owners makes 15 sales each (BA Business) = 225 x $ 14.00 USD Commission = $ 3,150.00 USD Recurring Payments

 You made 30 sales, but now you have:

 Total = 480 users under you generating $5,533.00 USD monthly in recurring payments!

$5,533,00 JUST WITH 15 PEOPLE Imagine With 30!
We Need To Collaborate Guys

50 people guys! As you see my friends, $ 5,533.00 for other people is always a dream! don’t leave this great opportunity and look no further. Believe me, information like the one I share with you today costs at least $ 67 besides guys.

What’s best of all, is you continue to make a 100% commission every time you make a new sale! (you will recover your $ 49.90 on the first sale you will make)there are people who made more than $ 10,000.00 in one night!, because of the 100% commissions on the first payment. That means you can earn up to$100.00 in commission. Plus, after the first payment, you will get 60% commission every month ( 30% commission of tier 1 plus 30% commission of tier 2) the customer remains active on the platform and like that, everyone will earn tons of money…

It’s very simple guys! You don’t need to spend a ton of money on video courses, systems and advertising like me to make Big Profits.  As you see, just with $ 49, you will earn $ 5,450 passive income each month!. Think about guys, I think there’s no easier than that! …You don’t even need to use the platform and start making Big Cash the first week!

Once you receive 100 direct clients or business owners plan, you will be part of the Builderall New Car program.

This means that we will send you a check for $ 500 a month, provided you maintain a minimum of 100 active direct users. So you can go out and rent the car you want! And it gets even better because we will increase your check up to $ 1,000 once you reach and keep 200 active users. Whell my friends, it’s the time to take action now, Never seen before in the digital marketing industry, so easy and powerful guys!

you have nothing to lose because you not only get your $50 the next day but also you can cancel your subscription at any time!

The platform have a calculator that you can use to calculate your earnings. I put an example below that shows you how much you can make with only 50 sales a year (you can do it in one day using my strategies) with a minimum of 50 sales that each person you have invited (50 ) did, …it’s real and it works



After your regstring in Bisuness Plan, your email addresses are displayed on my dashboard, I will send you an email about the 3 simple steps to follow that wtill take about 30 minutes to do and start reveiving money the next week from your registration.

 This is another senario guys…

 Assuming that Your Goal is:

 One Builderall Platform ($29.90 USD) sale per day
 One Builderall Business ($49.00 USD) sale per week

 Your Direct Sales
 365 sales (BA Platform) = $3,285.00 USD Recurring Payment
 50 sales (BA Business) = $700.00 USD Recurring Payment

 Your Direct Earnings = $3,985.00 USD Recurring Payment

 Sales of the Business Owners Associated with Your business
 50 Business Owners making only two sales (BA Platform) per month (on average)
 = 1,200 Sales x $ 9.00 USD commission = $10,800.00 USD Recurring Payments

 50 Business Owners making two sales (BA Biz) per month (in average)
 = 1,200 Sales x $ 14.00 USD Commission = $16,800.00 USD Recurring Payments

 You made one SALE per day, but now you have:

 Total = 2,815 users on your network generating $31,585.00 USD recurring payments

 Its Crazy my friends!

Guys! ,Are You Serious To Make a Monthly Income of:

So it’s that simple my friends, like I’ve told you, don’t look anywhere to generate money that you deserve. I see you insinde…

I have more secrect programs and strategies that you can apply to generate more income than that easly. For now, use this one after we’ll see, Ok my friends!. So I see you inside..

Best regards


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